Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Mayor of the Relevant Leaders to Carry Out Research Activities

The morning of January 9, shaoxing municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor ShiHuiFang came to shaoxing undis medical technology Co., LTD, in accordance with the "four grass-roots" work requirements, to carry out "big visit big research big service big solution" activities. He stressed that in-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Zhejiang important speech and visit to Shaoxing important instructions, inheritance and carry forward the "four grass-roots" good style, fully implement the municipal party committee nine five plenary deployment to optimise business services in a prominent position, in-depth business line, take the initiative to listen to the demands, and actively help to solve the difficult problems, really do the work to the heart of the enterprise. Really do the work to the heart of enterprises and strive to create a first-class business environment.

Undis is the first fully qualified medical device manufacturer in Binhai New Area. ShiHuiFang and enterprise responsible person to exchange the international and domestic market situation, for enterprise internal and external trade one development plan, asked the relevant departments to actively create conditions to help strengthen the production and marketing docking, expand the market scale, to achieve higher quality, more effective development.

Undis responded positively, contributing to the promotion of regional development.